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MTR Ltd. working in the field of high technologies offers a wide variety of High Quality Fullerene Products
Our company has a broad contacts all over the world and participates in long-term projects since 1992
The constant improvement of production technology and also our vast experience on market gives us an opportunity to offer our customers High Competitive Prices for all Kinds of Our Products
We propose our customers high quality service including FAST Shipments from Our Stock
Large Quantity Orders are WELCOME!
Please Inquire for "kg" amount of C60, including Sublimed C60.
The Price depending on ordered amount of the Product.

Based on our unique technologies of the synthesis, separation, and purification of the Fullerene products we can supply our customers with extremely broad spectrum of the High Quality Fullerenes and their Derivatives:

High Purity Fullerene C60 with purity 99.0+% /99.50+% /99.95+%
Sublimed C60 99.99%
High Purity Fullerene C70 with purity 98.0+% /99.0+% /99.50+%
Sublimed C70 99.0+% & Sublimed C70 99.50+%
High-order Fullerene mixture ( incl. C76, C78, C82 )
Isotopically C13 Enriched Fullerenes C60 & C70
Endohedral Metallofullerene Gd@C82, La@C82
Halogenated Fullerenes: C60Br24, C60Cl6, C60F36, C60Cl24, C60Cl30
Water soluble C60(OH)n ( Fullerenols ) - New Product! – A highly Water-Soluble Metallated form of Fullerenols
Water soluble AminoAcids Derivatives of C60
Organic Functionalization of Fullerenes 
Organic Derivatives of Fullerenes: Fulleropyrrolidines, Methanofullerenes, Aminofullerenes 
Multiwalled carbon Nanotubes (MWNT) 95.0+% 
/60/PCBM & /70/PCBM  
Carboxylic Acids Derivatives of C60



  • The Dramatic Record Drop in FULLERENOLS PRICES
  • Up To 50% OFF the Best world Prices
  • C60(OH)24, C60(OH)24(ONa)4
  • C60(OH)22-26, C60(OH)36-42
  • C60(OH)40-42 etc.

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